About Us

    • Our Purpose

      Going green is not just for tree-huggers anymore. Still, the accessibility of recycled products is far too limited and our goal is to change that. We’re making the most environmentally-friendly stuff affordable. Recycled materials—in most cases 100% Post-Consumer—are used for every detail in our high-quality products, from the fabric in our shirts to the labels on our packaging. By choosing to purchase only recycled products, we preserve the earth’s natural resources for future generations.

    • Our Story

      8bottles was founded by husband and wife team Robb and Lucy, when Robb’s stepdad, Jim, whose family runs a 100-year-old textile mill, introduced them to Alex, a manufacturing partner who figured out how to make high-quality yarn using only recycled bottles. Robb’s often annoying obsession with perfect products (he’s got a brand innovation consultancy), Jim’s steadfastness, Alex’s ingenuity and Lucy’s eternal optimism (she’s a creative designer) got them going. Then, with the addition of Sarah to the team—plus lots of help and encouragement from friends David, Cathy, Dave, and Theresa—they embarked on a many-months journey towards 100% Recycled Everything™ (which you’ll find out about in the 2010 chapter of our story… but enough about us...)

    • Our Community
      facebook Feel free to follow or add us on Twitter or Facebook. We are always looking for comments and ideas from like-minded people. And, for that matter, from different people.
      1% for the planet We are a proud member of: 1% For the Planet. This means 1% of all money coming in goes back out to environmental relief efforts around the globe.

About Our Product

    • No virgin materials

      Check the fine print on products with “recycled” claims. Are they 100% recycled material, or blended with virgin material? Is the material 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material, or is it Pre-Consumer/Post-Industrial? What ‘Pre-Consumer’ really means is that manufacturers using virgin materials have leftover scraps during production, which they consolidate to make ‘recycled’ material. Our fabric is made only from meticulously hand-sorted and cleaned recycled bottles: 100% Post-Consumer Recycled PET

    • No added dyes.

      We’ve reduced our carbon footprint and waste by 80% just by eliminating dyes. Our products’ color comes from the original color of the bottles. Did you know that red dyes are the least environmentally friendly? Why dye? Recycled materials have built-in beauty. Even our packaging materials are undyed and unbleached, and have minimal printing. No toxins. The 100% recycled PET yarn used to make all the components in our garments has received Level 1 certification from Oeko-Tex, the world’s leading textile testing organization. That means it’s safe to be worn next to the skin by infants every day. We don’t make shirts for infants, but it’s nice to know that we could.

    • Created with care.

      At 8bottles we care about creating beautifully crafted products as much as we care about the environment. We meticulously hand sort, clean, and convert the bottles into yarn so the final product is made from high quality 100% recycled material. Each batch of shirts is made from a single batch of bottles, so if you place a corporate order, that order will have shirts which are all the same color. Because each batch of shirts is hand-crafted from recycled material, the color varies slightly from batch to batch, and quantities are limited.

      To see how they're made, click here.

    • Easy to care for.

      Wash our products just as you would any other high quality polyester / permanent-press garment. They don't need special care! The fabric is colorfast and will not fade over time. 8bottles shirts can be put in the washer and dryer with the rest of your clothes at the setting of your choice. Ironing isn't necessary, but a warm iron can be used. You can also dry-clean them if you prefer. (There are now many eco-friendly dry cleaners!) From an energy conservation standpoint, we recommend cold-water wash and line drying.

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